Customer Service and Help Center

1. Is Firewood and Sawdust Available for Pick-up?
Yes, we are Open Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2. Are you open on Saturday?
We are Open on Saturdays from September through March from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

3. Can you Load my Truck with Firewood?
We can Load a Dump Truck or Larger. We cannot load a pick-up truck, you must hand load.

4. How much is a ton of Firewood compared to a Cord?
It takes Approximately 2 ton to equal one 4x4x8 cord.

5. What is the Length of the Firewood?
It is Split and Cut to 18”.

6. Can I get a different length?
Yes, we can Special Cut between 12” and 22”. A Special Cut is $80 per ton.

7. What Species is the Firewood?
It is all Mixed Hardwoods.

8. Do you Deliver?
Yes. We can Deliver all over Ohio. There is a Delivery Fee based on where you are Located.

9. How much Firewood can you Deliver?
The Minimum for Delivery is 3 ton. We have a small truck that holds up to 8 ton and a semi that holds up to 16 ton.

10. Do you Buy Individual Logs?
No. We do Buy Timber if it is 5 Acres or More though.

11. Do you Buy Timber?
Yes, we Buy Timber if it is 5 Acres or More.

12. Do you Stock Rough Sawn Lumber?
We do Stock some, otherwise we will have to Special Cut your Lumber.

13. How much is Special Cut Rough Sawn Lumber?
Depends on the Size and Specie. Prices vary according to the Weekly Hardwood Market Report.